In my work I develop different tools and manuals, and here are the things that I did or I contributed to the development:

CONSTELLATIONS: A manual for working with young people on the topic of racism and invisible racism

e2c389_2ddb4bfe238e4251a97eb0446f8dfcda~mv2The manual has a very simple structure, and is divided into 3 different blocks – themes, activities and approaches. The first part of the book introduces the main topics we have worked on in the project such as the introduction to microaggressions, hate speech or the relationship between racism and power among others. In the second part, you can find past tools on the principles of non-formal learning, developed in the framework of the project. And in the third part you can find different approaches that are transversal, and can help us if we want to start working with young people on the topic.

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Tools for Equality and Inclusion in Youth Work: A Guide for Youth Workers

279631055_836148054454583_2396313375513241978_nDo you face challenges to reach out to young people from marginalised/excluded groups, such as migrants, LGBT, youth from rural areas or those who suffered from violence? Do you need help in mainstreaming inclusion in all of your activities? Do you want to check if the spaces of your organisation meet the needs and respect the diversity among young people? This guide will help you to answer these questions and many more. In it, you will find a set of tools that will help you develop or improve your organisation’s policies and practices in an inclusive manner.
This guide is for you if you are a leader of a youth organisation, youth club, a youth worker or a
representative of any entity working with young people. To make it easier for the readers, we use only the term “youth organisation” to define any entity that works with young people in this guide. Therefore, be sure that anything we propose in it is meant not only for organisations run exceptionally by young people but also for the ones providing different opportunities and services to youth.

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JOURNEY: Involving young people in education and action for gender equality and against gender-based violence

JourneyIn this manual you will find out about the successful approaches we took to engage with the topic, some concrete tools we created and used, tips and tricks on how to deal with different situations that you can come across and finally, many ideas on how to boost motivation and empower young people to take action. We hope that this manual will serve you as a tool to start working on these topics with young people or simply, that it will enrich your professional backpack with new ideas.

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Global Education Goes POP: A Toolkit for Youth Workers

GEGL1The Toolkit is designed for youth workers in both formal and non-formal education system. The resources are aimed to introduce global perspective into young peoples’ local context and to increase the capacity in teaching global issues to youngsters emphasizing on youth friendly approaches and methodologies using pop culture. The resources are centered in three thematic blocks: Pop culture and Global education; Go pop in Learning and Go pop in Action. The toolkit offers a perspective what is cool for youth, how to integrate the pop culture into the learning process and facilitators tips.

The learning section encompasses five units centered on tools popular among young people, such us: Sound and Word, Photo and Visual Expressions; Moving Art, Social media and Digital Activism and Street Art. The users could fine definitions and clues on how to use close to youth tools such as moving art, memes, murals and street art and others. Each learning tool encompasses: learning aims, time and materials needed, indicates the participants’ age, guides around the preparation, the steps for implementation and the reflection. At the end of the Toolkit one can find several tools for evaluation and an useful glossary.


COCO: Contra el Odio Cotidiano

imageThis manual may be useful to those who accompany young people in their learning process, both in a formal setting as well as in a formal context.
learning process, both in a formal and non-formal setting, and can be of use to both experienced and new entrants to the field of education: teachers, leaders, teachers’ leaders, and others. those who have just landed in the field of education: teachers, youth leaders, trainers, etc. youth leaders, trainers, etc.
In this way the knowledge of experienced people can be enriched with new points of view. enriched with new points of view, methodologies or concrete tools that deal with issues of racism, Islam and addressing issues of racism, Islamophobia, aesthetic violence and other forms of violence from an intersectional approach and addressing the most normalized spheres of these types of hatreds, invisible and tolerated by society.

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Six Steps to Global Citizenship: A Guide for Youth Workers, Youth Leaders and Trainers

manual_ESDeveloped by an international team of youth workers in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania and Spain, this publication has as a main goal to provide a framework of competencies young people around Europe need to further develop and strengthen, so they can cope better in an interconnected globalized world. Furthermore, we aim to provide not only the vision, but also the practical tools to go there. For this reason the main part of this publication offers a number of educational tools which are aimed at supporting young learners in their paths towards active and responsible global citizenship. These tools are clustered in four training modules around the themes of Environment, Technology, Moving and Stuff.


100 and more advice for the future volunteers


This publication is a recompilation of the advice that has been collected from volunteers who implemented their EVS in the countries out of the European continent. We got a contribution from over 50 volunteers, then revised all the content, clustered and the publication is done:)


Get it Global

getitglobal.pngGet It Global aims to raise awareness on the grassroots level about global challenges and to contribute to the development of future global citizens. What we intend to do with this publication is offering a set of activities that can be implemented in trainings or activities with young people in schools or youth centers in order to raise awareness on the SDGs and the global problems that the world is facing, develop empathy and solidarity, help to understand the interconnections between global and local dimension, develop the feeling of responsibility towards the global challenges and motivate young people to take action.


Portfolio on employability skills

Tool to self-evaluate the employ-ability competences, we have created our own employ-ability competence framework and created the system that can support it´s recognition (mainly on individual level). This tool has been done in the framework of the project OVPELO, and was primary addressed to the EVS volunteers, although in my opinion is much more universal.


Picture of the future Global Citizen

Within the project GlobaLab, with the partners we have implemented research in 4 countries how young people, youth workers and local authorities would imagine the future global citizens. In this publication you have read our findings that we later on used for creation of the competences framework.


Factors supporting learning in mobility projects

For this publication I was a researcher, and I didn´t write anything, but I find this a very useful resource for everybody interested in how people learn in the mobility projects.