Aga is an experienced trainer and facilitator, active in the field since 2004. She has worked in over 50 residential international training courses, and a lot of local and national activities, facilitated partners meetings, organizational development processes, and many others. She worked with diverse target groups in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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Aga was involved in the development of publications and other educational materials mainly for youth workers and educators. Her publications includes educational activities to be implemented in the NFL educational context, concepts and approaches explained in the easy and structured way, and critical questions to open up the conversation about various challenging topics related to the European Youth Work.

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Aga is experienced in the development of the online learning. She was involved in the facilitation of online courses, as well as production of educational online content. Her journey with the e-learning started before the pandemic, when after successfully finishing several MOOCs herself, she decided to create the educational content in this format. During the pandemic she was active in the online sphere where the youth work sector was learning on how to adapt the activities to digital format.

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Articles and Podcasts

Aga is an author who create the content based on the concrete experience that she got, as her blog says, it is everything on youth work in practice. In the content she creates you will find a ready to take tools and tips, as well as reflections and questions on the ¨hot¨ or important topics for European Youth work, related to her expertise.

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Project Writing & Evaluation

Aga has a long curriculum of European projects writing, management and evaluation. She started this journey, when Poland, where she was based that time, was still not the part of European Union. Since then she has written many successful projects and got experience with programmes such as Erasmus+ (all actions), CERV (previously fundamental rights), EU Aid Volunteers, European Solidarity Corps, Horizon 2020, European Social Fund, and Creative Europe. She has experience in the project evaluation as an external expert for European Commission.

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I am looking forward for getting in touch with you. Reach out through e-mail or social media:

e-mail: agabyrczek (at) gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agabyrczek/

LinkedIn: https://es.linkedin.com/in/agabyrczek

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