5 principles of training implementation

The principles has been developed for the last seminar Spreading CHARM, but for me they look very universal, and I see that I really like to work like this. Maybe it will be inspiering for someone else…


Starting from ourselves

Racism and discrimination are very sensitive and complex topics, and we do believe that we cannot start discussing on how to work with those topics if we will not look at each other. The objective of this is to enable us to understand the concepts, as well as causes and consequences based on what we know, and what we have lived or observed. We put the hypothesis that connecting the topic with our lives is one of the most important triggers of motivation for the action.

Sharing is caring

The richness is in the group, in our personal stories, and professional experiences. Sharing can allows us to understand better, learn practices and get the feedback on what we are doing.

Questioning and being real

It is very easy to say we need to be inclusive, or we need to fight for Human Rights, but later on we start doing it and different challenges are popping up on our way. Or maybe not? Although I don´t believe it. The topic has a lot of different angles that we can look on and we want to get real. We want to look on our best practices, but as well look where we screwed up, and why? We are open to question the current state of art if it is needed. Let´s undertake the journey of being honest, although it might be sometimes difficult to admit that we are racist, but this is a first step to look on it from the different perspective and actually change something. So get ready… all the challenging questions are welcome, Pandora box is waiting.

Investing in relationship

Creating the meaningful relationships is for us a base for many things. We do believe that for networking the real connection with people and having a common understanding of things is more important that meeting and getting into the project development. When the relationship between people are strong people feel safer and get more honest, what we hope to reach during this activity. Finally looking on the current developments in Europe we do believe that it is what keeps us united and moving forward, fighting for what we believe for.

Creativity and fun

During this seminar we plan to experiment, try out new things and have fun. Without creativity we might not find this different perspective we are missing in our everyday work life, fighting for equality and inclusion. Without creativity we might not find a new solutions. So get ready for unexpected and have fun!

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