My message for Holidays and 2017

I realized that I like traditions (mainly those unconventional ones), and since for last few years I am always developing ¨special¨ autoresponders, when I am out of the office, it had to happen as well this year. I was in the train leaving from Lorca and a lot of reflections came to my mind, with the thoughts that I would like to share here. I hope you will like it.

The full text of my autoresponder:

Take a deep breath, relax, think about what makes you happy and please don´t be disappointed if I will not answer this e-mail before 9th of January. This year I have a chance to go back home for Christmas and I am planning to enjoy it as much as possible.

With this e-mail I would like to pass my Holidays Greetings to you, and although it might be impersonal, it’s honest. For this Holiday Season and New Year 2017 I would like to wish you and us:

  • That we will find out the way how to fix this world we are living in; it is not right that we cannot do anything in front of genocides like the one in Aleppo, that so many people died this year trying to look for the better future; YES I wish us to fix this world
  • As well for the global community I wish that Mr. Trump and all the polish government and president will resign this year; I do believe that this will make this world a better place
  • I wish as us that we would finally realize how much we have, and how lucky we are (yes I am as well surprised that I am writing this). Yeah everything depends on perspective, so let´s have a global one.
  • I wish you to truly find out what makes you happy, and do it as much as possible, and remember especially about not forgetting to regularly do something for yourself.


And finally I wish us all happiness, as a concept of learning how to enjoy simple things, and what we want to enjoy in our lives. Happiness as a concept to live the moment and relax, eliminate stress, do something stupid. And again here comes a list, my gift for you is a list of tasks for you for 2017:

  • Make a list of things that makes you happy – and then keep doing them!
  • Draw a picture of yourself in 5 years, how you want your life to look like, where you want to be… Reflect if you are on the right path
  • Find a new hobby or develop yourself within the old one.
  • Do something stupid (you can understand it as you wish)
  • For one day do not say no… Just challenge yourself to go with the flow.
  • Contact 20 Facebook friends with whom you did not have contact in 2016, but you think it´s worth doing it
  • Make a necked photo session of yourself – I bet you will enjoy watching those photos in 20 years!
  • Start planning your holidays – it´s always easier to go through difficult (although we usually enjoy it) work if we have something to look for.
  • Go for a concert
  • Do something good for someone you don´t know
  • And be brave!

I guess you got it! Enjoy your Holiday Season and year 2017.

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