Welcome post

In December 2015 I was running the first workshop on flirning (I will write about it more – flirting+learning), and after the activity few people came to me and asked where can they follow up the topic, and if maybe we run a blog. In this moment I though why not? I honestly really like writting. In this way I decided to start the blog about on of the passions in my life that is youth work.

My main motivation is to have a space where I can save my thought, questions, ideas… Writting them down always offer the possibility for reflection and to think it through, and in this way I can keep further developing myself. Since reflection in the youth work is a very powerfull method.

And why sharing it with everybody in the form of blog? In all the trainings I am repeating the frase ¨sharing is caring¨, and I would like to follow this slogan. The change always starts from ourselves. If my words or texts can be usefull for at least one person I will be happy, and if not they will be usefull for me.

What I am planning to write about?

I am a youth worker and trainer, and I think that in my professional life a lot of cool things are happening. Therefore I plan to share everything that I find relevant – my thoughs on the concepts that I like working on – like for example intercultural learning, or learning in general, my experience from the training, and how I do staff in the training setting, interesting concusions, new tools developed, and difficulties and challenging situations that I face, publications that I write or collaborate with. So you can expect everything, from the theoretical interpretation of my understanding of invisible racism to the practicalities of how to adapt the pupular game ¨escape room¨ to the youth work realities.

And for sure I will start with the concept of FLIRNING – that is concept that combain flirting and learning. Something that with a collegue of mine we try to develop and the new approach in the youth work, although for now we managed to do just one workshop.

Hope you will enjoy reading!

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